The Trilogy

The Trilogy integrates the complete line of Brett’s signature 20 minute interval-style workouts designed for fat loss and body toning in the shortest amount of time. The Trilogy also includes 2 Bonus DVD, one packed with workouts designed to target the booty, chest, and abs and the other featuring a special Brazilian martial art workout designed to get your blood pumping. The workouts are challenging, but open to all fitness levels. Come experience an unforgettable 20 minutes from one of the country’s most sought after fitness experts.

Nutrition Guide

Know the foods that matter and learn what to avoid with Brett's Nutrition Guide. Enjoy 20 minute recipes that take the thinking out of the way and give you the freedom to enjoy great tasting food for you and your family without the hassle.

Program Guide

Get the most out of the 20 Minute Body with the 20 Minute Body Program Guide. Detailing all that's included with each Program Level, how to use the 20 Minute Body Workout Calendar, and how to measure and track your progress, the 20 Minute Body Program Guide is an essential part of your journey to success.

2 FREE Bonus DVDs!

These Bonuses are jammed packed with tips and tricks on everybody's favorite areas of the body! Follow Brett's signature workouts in the Booty, Abs, Stretch and Recovery Bonus DVD for a firmer booty and a tighter tummy and discover the benefit of stretching and how it can make or break your workout. Then get ready to go to Brazil for a special set of core toning exercizes with the Cardio Capoiera Bonus DVD. These bonus DVDs were designed specifically to go right along with Brett's 20 Minute Body workouts and are yours absolutely free!

*Bonus DVDs come included with every purchase of THE TRILOGY. Purchasers of the Yellow Program will recieve the Cardio Capoeira bonus DVD only. Purchasers of the Blue program will receive the BPS Booty & Abs, BPS Chest, and Stretch and Recovery Bonus Disc. The Orange Program does not include any bonus DVDs if purchased as a stand alone.